A brief overview to some of the key rules and regulations are stated below :

Race  Format

There are 8 Hillclimb Cup and 12 European Hillclimb Championship events  in the current season 2020/21, with each event run on Monday.Qualifying session starts at 20:00 (120′) ,Race starts at 22:00 Local Time Athens, Greece (UTC/GMT+2).

Qualifying session starts at 19:00 (CET),Race starts at 21:00 (CET) Time.


The cars that participating in the Group H Special Hillclimb Car Championship 2020/21 are not a new mod and must give special thanks to Zahspeed3D,Wildman_fr & Rally World mod 4.0

Engines displacement 2.0-3.5L atmospheric,turbo power 250-770Hp,with the latest cpm tyres v2.

Free car changes before European Hill Climb Cup and Championship,but driver can choose only one car during championship season,if a driver change his car during championship season will loose all points.


During Hillclimb Championship Season Join

Important:   Drivers who joins Championship during season starts with bonus the last driver points and can change his car only ONE time with no penalty points,if the car change take place in his 2nd race.

After his 2nd race , penalty points will be added if the driver changes his car.


All drivers  can use 2 to3 type of tyres,which can change at any time.

  • Soft
  • Hard
  • Wet


Hill Climbs & point system

  • Free Practice sessions for 1-2 weeks before race ,always with live weather (only in European Hillclimb Championship season) and Naturally Progressing Real Road
  • On Monday there is one Qualifying session of 120 minutes, Run Session held on in-game WARM-UP Session and 3 laps race.
  • In 3 laps race,the best 2 lap times in total,will count.
  • The point system is 25-18-15-12-10-8-6-4-2-1 for the top 10 finishers.After 10 top finishers all drivers who finish the race gets 1 point for their participation.All DNF gets 0 point.DNS gets 0 point.


3 Categories points for European Hillclimb Cup,

  • Cat 1 (Group H Special – E1 2000)
  • Cat 2 ( E2-SC/SS 3000 – E2 SS 2000) 
  • Cat 3 (E1 +2000)  

Hill Climb Starting procedure

  • Starting grid is generated from Qualification results.Faster driver will run first. It is not required to participate in Qualification.
  • When Race session begins (the Warm-up session) all participants MUST STAY IN PIT LANE waiting for the steward’s command i.e. No27 GET READY in-game chat,to send driver to the Start-line.
  • Type of start is standing, a driver must do a complete stop at starting line waiting for the green light to go.
  • Participants start with in a 1-2 minutes gap between each other. Each 60 seconds a command to get ready (as shown above) will be given depending the length of the track.
  • No Restarts in Hillclimb races.
  • Any disconections during race heats means DNF


Hill Climb Specific Rules

  • A driver only have 1 chance/run in each Session.
  • If a driver catched up by other behind, must give room to the driver behind to pass safely. A driver failed to give a room safely for being passed, will be -10 points penalized.
  • A driver’s car get heavily damaged/crashed, stuck, and catched up by 2 drivers behind means DNF.
  • Disconnected from server means DNF.
  • Drivers are NOT allowed to leave and join the server for any reason during session.  Session will be lost but they can continue to the next session.
  • Driver who starts the Hill Climb and his procedure is stopped by another car which blocks the whole road must return to the start line (WITH NO ESC) waiting for commands to start again (as shown above).
  • Driver who starts the Hill Climb and crash with another car which blocks the road and get heavily damaged must return to the pit lane (WITH ESC) waiting for commands to start again (as shown above).
  • A driver is not allowed to change the car during race, its mandatory using the same car in all rounds, on Qualify Session and Run Session (the Warm-up).For those who do not comply with these rules, will be disqualified. (DQ) and/or banned.
  • If there are changes to the rules/regulation, the stewards will immediately announce it.


Hill Climb Starting procedure in 3 steps

In game Warmup is our Race session

  • Step 1     All cars must remain in the parking lot


  • Step 2 When the steward ask for a car to get ready ie. “No27 GET READY” car must go to the Start-line and stop before the white line.


  • Step 3 When lights are green,car is free to start its race.