Hillclimb Cup Participation

Procedure – Please read carefully

First you have to pick a car from here. Each car has its own number. For example, Fiat 131 has four numbers. If you choose a car from Fiat, you must in the Participation form write also the number, in this case (Fiat 131) you have to choose this numbers: #310, #16, #22, #26. That means in this case you must for Fiat 131 choose one from this four numbers.

Fiat 131 Example:

Your Name in On Line Server: Alex Tsipras

Forum name: mad

Diskord name:Otibu

Country: Ethiopia

Car Class: Group H Special

Car Model: Fiat 131

Car number: #310

 *Please check here for Available cars and numbers

*Wrong applications or cars with wrong numbers will be rejected.

For the European Hillclimb Cup season ,new cars and numbers will not be added, No personal skins permited,only for special reason SRW will add a skin

Personal skins with available numbers will be free to add only during European Hillclimb Championship 2021 season.

New register drivers can not choose cars from E1 +2000 / E2-SS 2000 / E2-SC SS 3000 Class/Group

Only 2019 Paricipantes can choose from all classes/groups

2019 Participantes List Here

Attetion!!!  Be sure that to complete the participation form you must register first in our Forum Here.

This form is closed


Description and information

Participation in our race are free of charge but requires an application and the following approval process. No driver or team that is not registered and approved will be allowed to participate.

This application will cover the entrance of one car in the European Hillclimb Cup for December 2020 to March 2021 .For European Hillclimb Championship season 2021 will take place a new application.

Each application is for ONE car depending on the selected championship,meaning you can choose one car/class in European Hillclimb Cup  and maybe a different car/class in European Hillclimb Championship.If a driver change his car during  season will loose all points and will start the last full active driver points.



During European Hillclimb Cup season no personal skins are allowed.Personal skins with available numbers will be free to add during European Hillclimb Championship 2021 season.

Unsportsmanlike behaviour, cheating or any misconduct has been associated with the drivers.
Failing to adhere to the requirements will trigger the following sanctions.

First offence: warning.
Second offence: Championship points deduction depending on the severity of the offence.
Third offence: Termination of the contract and exclusion from future events.

Read the Complete Rules Here

*Some rules will be change/add before 7/12/2020

*Car packages and hillclimb tracks will be sent through forum message by pm in each aproval driver.

Also it is a private Virtual Hillclimb Championship and no leaks of cars and hillclimb tracks are allowed.