Participation Form 2024

Procedure – Please read carefully

First you have to pick a car from here. Each car has its own number. For example, Fiat 131 has four numbers. If you choose a car from Fiat, you must in the Participation form write also the number, in this case (Fiat 131) you have to choose this numbers: #310, #16, #22, #26. That means in this case you must for Fiat 131 choose one from this four numbers.

Fiat 131 Example:

Your Name in On Line Server: Alex Tsipras

Forum name: mad

Diskord name:Otibu

Country: Ethiopia

Car Class: Group H Special

Car Model: Fiat 131

Car number: #310

 *Please check  for Available cars and numbers HERE

*Wrong applications or cars with wrong numbers will be rejected.

*No Private skins are allowed!!!


  • ATTENTION !!! Inactive drivers for over 50%,or 3 in a row races of a season,are disqualified and their car will be released.
  • New registered drivers can choose cars ONLY from Group 3 , Group 4 or Group 5 category. (Excluded real life drivers)

  • Forms are valid till 06/04/2024


Participation Form SEASON 2024